Friday, February 18, 2011

Isn't 'cross season over?

Cross bikes! Cross bikes in Japan!

This frame is headed over the waters to the west, to the land of the east.

Shinya Tanaka and the crew at Circles and Co.
are getting their hands on this bike frame.

The paint brush effect was created with
an actual paint brush, with actual paint.

With this post we're going to delve a bit
into some doom metal with the band Witch.
If they had stopped recording after the song
"Seer"they could have called it a success.
They had to keep it going though.
Mom, you probably won't like this one.
Just a heads up...


Yo, Gang.
Here's a new bike for Geoff Garcia.
He'll be schralping it all over the East Bay hills and beyond.

After all the paint jobs that I've attempted,
I have decided that lining a shoreline is the
hardest thing in the world to paint.
Of course, the extra points on the gusset made
it that much harder. Glutton for punishment, I guess.

Swinger dropouts, of course, on this single speed.

Branding in Spanish to keep the street cred
amongst those who demand Spanish branding.

The seat stays have a subtle arc to them.
Just enough to give it that look.

Thin Lizzy is way
more than Jailbreak.
Emerald for example.
Careful you don't melt your
face on the wah-wah solos.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Translucent \tranz ˈlü-sənt\

1: permitting the passage of light:
a : clear <translucent water>
2: free from disguise or falseness
trans·lu·cent·ly adverb

Yo, gang. Me again.
This is a fresh cross bike for Jennifer.
Sitting in the golden setting sun, this thing really shines.

The paint in the direct sunlight is a clear, dark gray.
Other times at other angles, it appears green.
Other times still, it looks purple.
You can see the fillets beneath,
in all but the darkest of situations though.
Nowhere to hide on this bike.

When making bikes, I like to seal the tubes
so no moisture can ruin the tubing from within.
Jennifer, being as small as she is, got a bike whose
tubes contained enough air to cause the frame to float.
I had to weigh it down in the water tank when
soaking off all the flux from brazing.

What do y'all think?

There is band in San Francisco
playing some of the funnest punk rock
around. The name to remember is
Young Offenders.
I've had a song or two of theirs' lodged
firmly in my head for the last month or so.