Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blood Simple

Jeff asked for blood red with a black on black panel.

We talked about maybe doing more panels on the seat tube or the stays, but it was a shame to cover up such a cool color. Kept it clean and simple.

A fork painted to match never hurt anyone.

Been in a serious Lungfish phase in the shop.
There is not much on the innerwebs about them.
This is the best i could find.

Andrew's Mariposa

It's hard to tell how good this metallic orange came out if you're not looking at it in the sun, in person.

It's really hard to capture how much time and effort goes into these frames. From the hand bent stays, to the custom cutouts, to the paint schemes, these bikes keep my hands and mind pretty occupied.

Andrew wanted sort of a hot rod aesthetic. I'll leave the motoring up to him.

If you see him around Southern California, see if you can catch up and check out that orange in the sun, in person.

Listening to The Evens alot.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Better late than never

Sorry been lagging on the blog for a while, been busy. When faced with sitting at a computer, or going and spending some quality time on a bike for someone, its almost always the bike. Right now, I guess, is the exception.
This one is for Mike Styliano in Nelson, New Zealand.

The ever popular root beer color never seems to disappoint for translating the smoothness of fillet brazing. It is a very hard color to do well in powder coat as the brown is a transparent over a silver undercoat. Any flaws in the top or bottom coat are glaringly obvious and there are not really any second chances. The depth of color is pretty hard to beat, though. Victor Sanchez, who does all my powder coating, does a bang up job with it. Thanks Victor!

No ticks were harmed in the shooting of this bike.