Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been a Little Busy

Been on a bike building bender as of late.
Here's a hand full of the bikes I've been working on.

Zak Ball ordered this bike in sour apple green.
Single speed 29er with the possibility of parole, in the form of cable routing and derailleur hanging.

It's taken about three years for the bike industry to sit up, take notice, and promptly "invent" swinging dropouts of their own. I'm surprised its taken as long as it has.

If you want USA made 4130 cro-moly quality, designed and built by bike nerds for bike nerds, ask your builder for Black Cat dropouts. Or ask me for your next bike.

On that note: try and find a better pop song than this. You can't.

It's Not British Loafing Green

John Merriam in San Luis Obisbo wanted a race bike.

Extra light dropouts (Black Cat exclusive) with titanium bolt kit.
Deluxe race tube set.
Light but stiff in all the right ways.

Not to mention the Lotus team colors.

Don't git no sweeter.

What Constitutes "Monster Cross"?

A quick handling yet stable geometry equally at home tearing up singletrack, laying it down on a two hour road climb and everything in between?

Room for 45c knobbies? Fenders? Three bottle mounts?
Check. Check. Check.

Fully sealed tubeset (like all Black Cat bicycles) ready for any weather mother nature can dish out (and you're willing to leave the house in)?

This one comes in "Ranger Danger Green" for Reverend Dick.

We have pretty different tastes in music, me and the Rev, but we can agree on the Decemberists. Everytime i hear this song i think of the those poor kids of his being scared (and possibly scarred) by his outlandish tales of whalers, pirates, ghosts, werewolves, and whatever else can make a kid nervous on campouts.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twenty Six Inches With Twenty Seven Gears

What's this? A mountain bike with regular sized wheels and a full compliment of gears?
Where's the niche?

As it turns out, a regular hardtail mountain bike is somewhat of a novelty these days.

Five inches of travel up front sounds like a good plan for the rocky, fast trails of San Luis Obispo county, one of my old stomping grounds.
Dominic will be piloting this here bike.

Brown Power

Dave Sisamis from Ohio ordered up this one by nine, twenty nine inch wheeled bike.

Being the owner of a pizza joint, the natural choice for color was root beer.

It's been a couple posts since i subjected you to my terrible taste in music, but your respite is over! Don't fool yourself, The Marked Men are the real deal.