Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Danny Buzzard's new ride

Dear Blog, Today i finished Danny's bike, it's grey with matt black panels and shiny black letters,
and very swoopy seat stays, and a pointy seat tube, and room for 42's, and custom dropouts, and a radiused bridge, and a pointy gusset, and true temper tubing, and pointy water bottle boss reinforcements, and then i burned my lunch.
Oh Blog, you're my best friend.No one understands me like you do.
Or, at least you don't tell me to shut up when i talk at length about myself.
Best Friends Forever

Dave's one speed 'cross bike

In a way, one speed cyclocross bikes are kinda like an abandoned mansion,
but ready to party.

Big Red

This here bike is for JB in Ashland, Oregon. He sent some photos of old fire trucks as inspiration for the paint.