Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cat on the Wall

Hey, y'all.

This is a bike for Henrique Tono.

Full rigid. No messin' around.

2x10 drivetrain. All business.

650b wheels. No sass.

And now it's time for the dropout portion of the blog post:

Mention was made of the new front
dropouts in the previous post, so here's another peek.

The "leading axle" design allows for a
fork angle that absorbs shock better,
while the elongated disc tab helps disperse the
 forces that push the tab into the fork blade.
Neither of these are new designs by any stretch,
but both good ideas.

Enough talkin'. Let's ride.
Thank you, Henrique.

Seldom does someone come along that 
plays the game so well it becomes their game.
Over 20 years has passed since her first record,
and its accompanying accolades, and PJ Harvey
is still throwing it all away and starting from 
scratch with every release.