Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yikes! Bikes!

This bike went out to the single speed worlds in Durango, and then on to Interbike in Vegas.
I have to thank Yakima for displaying it in their booth, Fox for the fork, True Temper for the tubing, The Hive for the Chub Hubs, the FifteenG crankset, and the Formula Brakes.
Despite the adage, this one did not stay in Vegas.

I tried to get some kind of reaction out of you folks with the Abba reference, but apparently either you people are asleep at the wheel, are Abba fans, or more likely, don't care.
So, in light of no one caring about the music that plays in the shop while I'm trying to keep all my fingers, take that.
The sound is kinda crappy but the other videos are terrible.

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Steve Weber has this frame and fork in his hands.
He'll be ripping it up in Indiana.

What do you think?

The green grass is popping up here pretty early. Might have something to do with the nine inches of rain we just got in one day. We'll take it however we can get it.