Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Man in Japan

A new cross bike comin' down the pipe.

This one is for Circles in Nagoya, Japan.
The spot for custom handmade bikes.

Classic "West Coast" 'cross geometry is usually
featured on the 'cross bikes I send over there.
This one is no exception.

Seat tube slotted in front, to keep the mud
and water from ending up inside your bike.

Plenty of room to keep the mud and water
off your bike in first place.

The Jesus and Mary Chain
is this moment's favorite band.
Automatic is pure genius.
Snakedriver isn't on there,
but its good too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brown Power

Greetings, Earthlings.
Another bike today.

This one is headed over to Texas for Sean Blatnick.

This bike is made for one of those forks with the
tapered steerer and through axle.
The only way to go if you're putting a long fork on a bike.

Sean is by no means a whispy climber.
A custom frame for folks that are outside the "norm"
is the way to go. A bike built for Sean, not
anyone that happens to be more or less Sean's height.

Being able to have a bike that looks exactly
as you want is icing on the cake.

Thanks, Sean!

How 'bout some Rock and Roll
with capital R's?
Rye Coalition has (had?) the chops to
bang it out with the best.
Equal parts AC/DC and Shellac.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surf's Up!

Yo, gang.

This is a bike for Kevin Rhinehart.
It is a 26" wheeled mountain bike for him and the mountains
around his house in Los Gatos, California.

Kevin wanted a color scheme reminiscent of
the surf vans and t-shirts of the 70's and 80's.
Op all the way.

The bike is set up as being compatible with a
full compliment of gears or as a single speed.
Or anywhere in between.

Now if we could only get him to roll over...

If we were to stay in the same era
as all those surf vans and Op t-shirts,
we might be reminded of the
Press Darlings themselves,
Adam and the Ants.
All tom all the time.