Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Got Stripes

Hey gang.
Another bike here.
This one was made for Brian Vernor.

This bike is a pretty straight forward mountain bike.
Twenty six inch wheels and a full compliment of gears.

These are a new dropout option from black cat.

This bike replaces Brian's Fat Chance Yo Eddy
he bought new in 1991. Big shoes to fill.

Yes, there were a lot of tiny pieces of tape
used to make this paint job happen.
A lot.

You know how sometimes
something pops up repeatedly
in a small amount of time?
For me, lately, that's been
Willie Nelson's
Phases and Stages.
A very good record, but when you go
to the TUBES of YOU, all you can really find
is other folks singing Willie's songs.
All but this song.

Here's that Johnny Cash song that
matches the post title as a consolation.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This post is going to a little long on pictures this time
around as this bike took a painfully long time to build.
I'm going to make you guys look at everything.

The bike was built using a variety of techniques.
Amongst those used are traditional fillet brazing,
bi-laminate construction, and quasi-traditional lug work.

Most of the "lugs" are bi-laminate construction where
collars are brazed onto the ends of the tube,
the tubes are mitered, then fillet brazed together.
The curved tubes are REALLY hard (if not impossible)
to get to a snug fit on a pre-made or custom made lugs,
so the bi-laminate method is the preferred route.

Curvy, curvy, curvy.

This chainwheel is the bee's knees.
made by the guys at RCR Fabrication.
I've got a bunch of 34 tooth numbers in black and silver.
They fit straight up to any of the newer Sram carbon cranks.
They will fit from a 3/32" to a 10speed chain.
Super light, super clean.
Give me a shout if you are interested in one.

The fork is made with a variety of methods by itself.
The crown is made by fillet brazing. The fork blades
and steerer are then silver brazed into the crown.
The reasoning for this is the silver filler melts at a
much lower temperature and effects the steel much
less than using all brass. Much stronger that way.
Strong forks are nice.

400 Blows is the music pick.