Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goin' to Vegas

Yo gang, here we go again. Today's fresh one.

I was asked by the folks over at Syncros
to build a bike frame to show off some of their new goods
for Interbike, the trade show in Vegas.

Very flattering to have people out there who want to
associate their work with mine.
Thank you.

If you will be lucky, or unlucky,
enough to be at Interbike this next week,
come check out the bike and let us all know what you think.

There are bikes to be built here at the shop, so I won't be attending.
No rest for the wicked.

Several posts ago I referenced Pinback.
Worth revisiting, I reckon.
They are one of the few out there that I can just
turn Ye Olde Ipod to "all" and happily listen
to for hours in the shop until the songs run out.
The writing is fantastic, the musicianship is excellent,
and it's just the right tempo to lose yourself in the task at hand.
Check them out.
They always seem to speed their songs up a bit live,
so I thought I'd add some live songs and some studio.
More standout music from San Deigo...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mustaches Wild

Hey y'all. Here's the latest black cat to roll out the door.

Curvy, butted True Temper top tube meets curvy,
butted Dedachai seat stays.
Custom bent by yours truly.

I'm pretty attached to this shade of green.
I know bright colors are all the rage right now,
and really, that's fine with me. I even like some of those colors.
Really though, give me an olive green bike to ride through the trees.

Nothing says "classy" like a neatly trimmed mustache.
There are some out there who have bugged me relentlessly
for a black cat head badge. Well folks, here it is.
I really think the best reason for going to an oversized
head tube is more real estate for your mustache.

Quicksand anyone?
Their first record, "Slip", is an amazing piece of work.
I wore out several cassette tapes listening to it.
There might be a digital groove worn
into my ipod playing it these days.
There are very few records out there
where all the songs are so good.

The second (and final), "Manic Compression",
is also a very good record
but it didn't have the advantage of being as
mind blowing-ly ground breaking.

I remember seeing this live video about 10 years ago.
All the segments are pretty good.