Friday, December 9, 2011

This Song Has No Title

Gentle readers,

and not so gentle ones too.

Another road bike today.
Sean Coffey is the owner of this one.

A double over sized tubeset makes this bike thoroughly modern,
with all of the pedaling stiffness you'll ever need
to get you down the road as far and as fast as your legs will take you.

This post's music pick is
the one and only Elton John.
If you haven't already,
do yourself a favor and purchase
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as an easy primer.
Who doesn't love the Crocodile Rock?
He's absolutely killing it here on Rocket Man.
If you don't like Bennie and the Jets on Soul Train(!),
you, my good friend (and gentle reader),
have deeper issues not easily overcome.

Thank you and good night.