Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Piece of the Sky

 Greetings, all.

Got another one of those steel lugged, carbon tubed bikes for you to peruse
and for Dain Zaffke to ride.

This one has much more traditional lug lines
 than others of similar construction I've done in the past.

The lug designs are along the lines of the 
French constructeur frames, i.e., Singer, Herse, etc. 

The lugs' proportions have to be stretched a bit to create enough 
surface area for a solid bond between the carbon and steel.


Before and after.

The color is from a mid-sixties Ferrari that resides at a car museum here in town.
While not a stock Ferrari color, it sure looks great on Italian sports cars and bike frames.

Lucky for us, Dain's a great photographer too.
Thanks for the hot pics, Dain.