Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steel That Sleeps the Eye

Hey gang.
Today, I present a bike for Eric Richter.

With Eric being here in Santa Cruz, the conversation
about this bike started with listing names of roads.
Names like Stetson, Redwood Lodge, Schulties,
Redwood Retreat, Mountain Charlie, Skyland,
Valencia School, Uvas Canyon, etc.

Names like that conjure up thoughts of tight, twisty, steep roads,
shaded by redwoods, with pathetic pavement, if any at all.

The conversation continued with the new re-release of Columbus' Max tubeset.
Eric, being a junkie of all things Max,
wanted a custom bike to add to his collection of bikes built
with these legendary tubes.

First designed when tubes were narrow and didn't
take the abuse under larger, more powerful riders,
the double oversized tubeset was like nothing before it.
Huge, ovalized profiles allowed a bike to remain in one
piece while being raced in events like Paris-Roubaix
and the Tour of Flanders.

We decided not to use the entire Max tubeset,
settling for the bi-axialy ovalized down and top tubes,
chain stays, fork blades, and fork crown.
These are the most instantly recognizable tubes of the bunch
and overwhelmingly responsible for the look and feel of the bike.

We took it step further and added the ability to run 28's,
with fenders, or up to a 35c tire without.

Disc brakes, Dura-Ace parts.
If you can't ride this bike there, that place should probably be left unridden.

Between the capabilities of the bike and the fact that
Eric is one of the coolest, nicest, most genuine people I've ever met,
it was truly was a pleasure to build this bike.
Thanks, Eric.

All right kids,
enough of the sentimentality.
When I went to see the tour
supporting the Houdini record
(was that almost 20 years ago?!?!),
I remember thinking that it simply
could not
be any louder.
Honey Bucket
Night Goat

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Up For Grabs

Hey, Y'all.
Today is a different day so we're going to do things differently.

Normally, the bikes posted are built for specific people.
Not the case for this bike.

As luck would have it,
this bike is, as the title suggests, up for grabs.

It has a 6 degree sloped, 56.5cm top tube.
Built for someone 5'11" or so.

Built with lugs and a super light, double oversized tube set,
this bike has the aesthetic of an old world charmer,
but the ride of a race bike.

Hooded dropouts for a stiff, responsive feel.

Fillet brazed pf30 bb shell for all the pedaling stiffness you will ever need.

Enve composites 1.0 carbon fork.
Will take 28c tires happily.

Drop me a line via email for pricing or for further details.
I'm happy to sell as a frame set
or to build it up as a complete bicycle.

SOLD. Thanks.

Let's hop in the Way-Back Machine for some Wipers.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Bike

Happy New Year, y'all.

Let's start this year off on the good foot
by introducing a bike for Kyle E______.

Kyle and I have been acquainted since we
worked at the same bike shop about 10 years ago.

Having good friends on bikes is about as good as it gets for me.

Oversized head tube for those tapered steerer forks.

PF30 bb shell. Mega.

17/4 Stainless dropouts. Shiny.

Curvy tubes. All the bells and whistles on this one.

Been doing a lot of listening to Baroness.
Particularly The Red Album.
Rays on Pinion
The Birthing
Get it.