Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Down with the Brown

Jared's been patient waiting for his bike. Hope he likes it.
After building bikes with these for a year and a half, I'm beginning to be able to say "often immitaded but never duplicated."


cbharping said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Nice pics too. You do such beautiful work, now Eric and I are DYING to see ours!

reverend dick said...

HaHA...the albatross comes back around, you salty mariner you. Dang these are pretty bikes. When are you starting the run of gentlemen's mixtes?

MMcG said...

Gorgeous frames - are these primarily 29er mtb frames? From the looks of them I'm guessing yes.

Gorgeous work!

warthog said...

Yo Todd,
your frames just keep getting nicer and nicer. I think i'll be "needing" a new one by next year.
I asked Jared, awesome was the adjective he used.