Saturday, January 12, 2008

El frijilito

The Little Bean.

Carla Bray's bike has been affectionately named after the best taqueria in Watsonville, maybe the world.
I've had some super burritos lately that weigh more than this thing.
I hope Carla gets a little gas from this one.


reverend dick said...

mmmmmm, I smell what you're cooking. Waitaminute! Is that paint I smell?!?!?

Fritz said...

You're frames look gorgeous.

I'll be at NAHBS for Cyclelicious as well as the various blogs associated with the Crooked Cog Network, which includes Blue Collar MTB, The Bike Lab, & Commute By Bike. I live in Scotts Valley and would like to drop by your shop some time. Please feel free contact me to talk about this. Thanks!

refreshinglyfatarse said...

Ice, very nice.

Do you have a website that gives prices???

King George said...

Saw you guys in Portland, really nice stuff guys.

Tom said...

Beautiful bikes!

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

Dude, hanging with you and the rest of the Santa Cruz crew was one of the best things about the trip!
It was a pleasure to meet ya'll, and I love your work.