Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Danny Buzzard's new ride

Dear Blog, Today i finished Danny's bike, it's grey with matt black panels and shiny black letters,
and very swoopy seat stays, and a pointy seat tube, and room for 42's, and custom dropouts, and a radiused bridge, and a pointy gusset, and true temper tubing, and pointy water bottle boss reinforcements, and then i burned my lunch.
Oh Blog, you're my best friend.No one understands me like you do.
Or, at least you don't tell me to shut up when i talk at length about myself.
Best Friends Forever


reverend dick said...

shut the hell up, kook.

Jesse Englert said...

nice curves

Velo Bella said...

i wanna bc tshirt!

Stephanie :) said...

Your tshirts and hoodies are fab! It reminds me of your silk screening days. And Brandy's shirt that was fancy, but stiff! Good times! :)

Marttie said...

Can someone email me a phone number for the Black Cat Bicycles because I interest in buying the frame. Also don't want to sign up for the blogger. Email is Thanks!