Sunday, October 12, 2008

On the auction block

Some of you may have seen this bike in the pages of Dirt Rag magazine.
I finally pryed the bike loose from them and it is now up for sale, as a frame or complete.
The bike was built for someone 5'11", who lives on the East Coast,
For the complete review, go here.
Give me a holler if interested.


Crush the Commonwealth said...

Some one should buy this so I can stop regretting sending it back.

This is a hell of a bike. Todd put together a ride that, as cliched as it sounds, was almost telepathic. I ride a lot of bikes, and it usually takes a few rides and some set up changes to get the handling in the ball park, and even then I sometimes never quite make friends with certain bikes.

The Black Cat felt right from the first ride. It went where I wanted with no need for me to compensate with extra body english or excessive steering input. Very quick handling, great in the tight twisties, but stable enough for wide open stuff, even late in a hundred mile race.

Were financial situation a bit more in the red, I would have never sent this back.

BIGWORM said...

That is one beautiful rig. Bikes like this bring a smile to my face, just knowing they are out there.

Wombatsly said...

I'm fond of this bike's color.
Does anyone know which reference color it is?
If you can tell me the RAL number it would be perfect ;-)

garvin dieters said...


Justin Britton said...

Your link to the review is broken. Here's the corrected link:

Awesome review! I can't wait to talk to you about a future frame build.