Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andrew's Mariposa

It's hard to tell how good this metallic orange came out if you're not looking at it in the sun, in person.

It's really hard to capture how much time and effort goes into these frames. From the hand bent stays, to the custom cutouts, to the paint schemes, these bikes keep my hands and mind pretty occupied.

Andrew wanted sort of a hot rod aesthetic. I'll leave the motoring up to him.

If you see him around Southern California, see if you can catch up and check out that orange in the sun, in person.

Listening to The Evens alot.


reverend dick said...

Looking good complete!

The scripty Black Cat on the chainstay is tight. Good work.

Reedster said...

Andy's been jonesing for this for a while now. I don't think he will sleep the next few nights while he awaits delivery. Maybe I'll burn him some Evens so he can get more ideas about where your head was at.

Walter said...

I can't wait to see Andy's Black Cat. Its all that I have been hearing about since I met him. It looks good in the pics and I am quite sure that it will be even better in person.

atourgates said...

I ran into Andy on a ride a few months ago. He let me try out his beautiful build, and I fell deeply in love.

Beautiful, beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Saw this today,and IT IS gorgeous in the SoCal sun. Between Andy and I, I think you'll be getting more business from down here