Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been a Little Busy

Been on a bike building bender as of late.
Here's a hand full of the bikes I've been working on.

Zak Ball ordered this bike in sour apple green.
Single speed 29er with the possibility of parole, in the form of cable routing and derailleur hanging.

It's taken about three years for the bike industry to sit up, take notice, and promptly "invent" swinging dropouts of their own. I'm surprised its taken as long as it has.

If you want USA made 4130 cro-moly quality, designed and built by bike nerds for bike nerds, ask your builder for Black Cat dropouts. Or ask me for your next bike.

On that note: try and find a better pop song than this. You can't.


Eric said...

I've built 7 frames, and 4 of them have your dropouts. How's that for starting out?

Anonymous said...

Black cat e-mail please? I am interesting in your frame, thanks from Spain

Mark said...

I am interested in a set of your dropouts. What do you charge? Can you send me an email, "farnsworth2008" at