Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Add Creative Name For Post Here

Steve Weber has this frame and fork in his hands.
He'll be ripping it up in Indiana.

What do you think?

The green grass is popping up here pretty early. Might have something to do with the nine inches of rain we just got in one day. We'll take it however we can get it.


Andrew McMullan said...

Holy buckets...Indiana, that is where my mariposa is going to end up. The misses and I plan to move back in under a year.

Cheers on the new ride. Looks great

the free blogger! said...

hey andrew...the silver cat is up around fort wayne...gimme a shout if you get in my neck of the woods!


Andrew McMullan said...

Crazy. My wife and her family are from Decatur. We have ridden Franke Park in Fort Wayne several times before we moved to SoCal.


the free blogger! said...

are you kiddding me?? two cats could be roamin' the trails of fort wayne indiana? who woulda thunk? Franke is only a mile from my house! been up to Winona Lake in Warsaw? if not, you must check it out upon your return! get in touch if you wanna ride...i have talked to you on mtbr. i am pcrage_2. you can get me at hotmail too.


Anonymous said...

new post name = silver bullet