Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goin' to Vegas

Yo gang, here we go again. Today's fresh one.

I was asked by the folks over at Syncros
to build a bike frame to show off some of their new goods
for Interbike, the trade show in Vegas.

Very flattering to have people out there who want to
associate their work with mine.
Thank you.

If you will be lucky, or unlucky,
enough to be at Interbike this next week,
come check out the bike and let us all know what you think.

There are bikes to be built here at the shop, so I won't be attending.
No rest for the wicked.

Several posts ago I referenced Pinback.
Worth revisiting, I reckon.
They are one of the few out there that I can just
turn Ye Olde Ipod to "all" and happily listen
to for hours in the shop until the songs run out.
The writing is fantastic, the musicianship is excellent,
and it's just the right tempo to lose yourself in the task at hand.
Check them out.
They always seem to speed their songs up a bit live,
so I thought I'd add some live songs and some studio.
More standout music from San Deigo...


Anonymous said...

Pinback is good...

Saw the bike at the show Todd, nice work. They seemed pretty stoked to have it in their booth.


reverend dick said...

Switch "Pin" for "Nickel", and I got your back.

Aw yeah.

blackcatbicycles said...

andy, thanks.
the folks over there are pretty good to work with. letting me have free reign with their show bike was pretty cool of them.

rev, don't make me turn this car around. i'll do it.
how people gonna take me seriously as a FRAMEBUILDER with comments like that?
what have i ever done to you? uh, wait, maybe we should leave that unanswered...

the do'er of doo said...

by far one of the sexiest bikes at the show. good job.

Tim Wise said...

Nice, I got to this just as Lyon came on my ipod. Love me some Pinback.

Anonymous said...

Dear Todd,
You do beautiful work. Your latest "Mustache wild" frame rocks!
I'm $aving for a frame someday ;-)

You work with my buddy Willie Bullion who I was visiting a few weeks back and I wanted to express you+your wife my gratitude in extending us your home for potential place to crash. That was awesome+Big of you both and I'm deeply grateful.

I hope to meet you someday soon.
Best wishes from Sf,
You have a home in Sf!