Monday, August 29, 2011

Corners and Curves

Hey folks, what's up?

This bike is for Oliver Laing, in Willagee,
Western Australia.

Oliver wanted a 29er race bike with
options for running a full compliment of gears
or as a single speed.

These oversized head tubes for tapered steerers are simply
the way to go on a frame made for a suspension fork.

A bit of an asymmetrical, geometrical
freak out for a paint scheme.

I like me some Heartless Bastards.
All This Time


Anonymous said...

Another beaut!

onlyontwo said...

Ummmmm, Todd, you holding out on us? What is that thar bottom bracket? Looks to be a big'in.


blackcatbicycles said...


the bb is one of those pressfit 30 bb's. not my idea, sram's. the design seems to be gaining momentum. why not? it's a good one who's time seems to have come. hopefully some other big hitters in the bike part world will hop on the train.

Chris said...

So close to calling you to place an order.

DavidR said...

Tell me more about that head tube. In the pictures it doesn't look tapered, is it tapered on the inside or is it oversized and your using a tapered headset?

Also, is it lugged? There seems to be something going on there.

blackcatbicycles said...

the head tube is a constant 44mm inner diameter. both cane creek and chris king make headsets that allow a short stack upper cup that sits down in the tube, and a external cup on the bottom.

the "lug" you see is a gusset made with what is called bilaminate construction. basically, a sleeve that is brazed onto the down tube before mitered and brazed onto the head tube. extra work, yes, but worth it, i think.