Thursday, January 12, 2012

Up For Grabs

Hey, Y'all.
Today is a different day so we're going to do things differently.

Normally, the bikes posted are built for specific people.
Not the case for this bike.

As luck would have it,
this bike is, as the title suggests, up for grabs.

It has a 6 degree sloped, 56.5cm top tube.
Built for someone 5'11" or so.

Built with lugs and a super light, double oversized tube set,
this bike has the aesthetic of an old world charmer,
but the ride of a race bike.

Hooded dropouts for a stiff, responsive feel.

Fillet brazed pf30 bb shell for all the pedaling stiffness you will ever need.

Enve composites 1.0 carbon fork.
Will take 28c tires happily.

Drop me a line via email for pricing or for further details.
I'm happy to sell as a frame set
or to build it up as a complete bicycle.

SOLD. Thanks.

Let's hop in the Way-Back Machine for some Wipers.

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onlyontwo said...

Well damn, that didn't take long.