Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Between Me and the Ground

That time again.
Time for a new post of a new bike.

Disc brakes are the in thing for cross bikes.
All the cool kids are doin' it.

Before somebody gets their undies in a twist
 about the sacrilege that disc brakes on a 'cross bike represents,
I'll say it first: I've always had apprehensions about it.
My theory has been that the surface area that a disc 
and its pads have, is about twice the contact patch 
your tires have got on the ground. 

I said that half the fun of riding a 'cross bike is the
lack of braking that makes you just kinda go for it.

I was wrong.

Disc brakes on 'cross bikes are the jam.

Don't fool yourself.
The same arguments against disc brakes on mountain bikes
are being trotted out 15 years later when debating the
 merits of 'cross bike disc brakery. 

In the future, you'll be able to control your 'cross bike,
and ride it faster.

The future is now.
Actually, the future was like 5 years ago,
but some of us were to stuck to our own ways to see it.

Dead Meadow.


mr rogers said...

Drool. Can't wait

mr rogers said...

And I just got some 32c pasela's to try.

blackcatbicycles said...

wait till you see the new dropouts.
so fresh...

this bike was built as an opportunity to check some new tooling i built, as well as sussing out some details for bikes (like yours) coming up.
tools checked. details sussed. ready for action.

those paselas are pretty sweet. you can do anything (short of wet roots) in them. not as fast as you could with a more specific tire, but...
they continue to impress me.

mr rogers said...

Some things are better done slow.

I'm ready to be impressed. Digging the fancy lettering.