Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clear Shapes


This is a bike for Mr Hiraiwa in Nagoya, Japan.

It's a very straight forward road racing bike.

Stiff and efficient for pedaling without
 adding to the fatigue of long days in the saddle.
 The bike holding a predictable line while 
its rider worries about more pressing matters. 

As they say in Japan, "Go at 'er with the give'r stick!"
That's what they say, right? 
Isn't it?

While not everybody's cup of tea,
Asa Osborne has been exploring
some of the most meditative music
 I'm willing to expose myself to.
His work is slowly getting more and more
 elemental until the melody all but
 disappears into a hypnotic sine wave.

Perfect working music and
 certainly not fist pumping arena rock.
From playing guitar in Lungfish,
 starting in the early nineties;
half of The Pupils;
and most recently Zomes.

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Anonymous said...

Love the matte paint.