Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cooler as Ekke

To borrow from the vernacular of the kids today,

Today's bike is for Brian Rogers of the greater Atlanta, Georgia

What's the catch phrase du jour?
Monster 'Cross?
 Gravel Grinder?

Whatever you'd like to call it, I'll call it "Bad Ass".

Features that may help you with your pigeon hole:
Slightly slacker angles than a 'cross bike.
Room for up to 2.1" tires (but 1.85"s are probably more realistic).
Aggressive enough stance for racing, but comfy enough for rolling along.

Curves in all the right places.

Straight steerer that keeps the front end stiff enough
for anything most mortals will throw at it
while keeping the weight down, the ride lively,
 and the fillings in your teeth.

Seat stays arced downward to add to the shock absorption
of the rear end, allowing the rider to hold a line through the rough stuff.

Custom Enve butted carbon seat mast,
topped by a Ritchey WCS Topper Thingy.

Pf30 bb shell.

Black Cat geared dropouts of the newest style.

Bottle bosses that aren't just riv-nuts that are bound to come loose,
pull through the carbon tube, or both.
Built to last.

Sounds like a nice pigeon hole to me.


Thank you, Brian.

South Africa is not the place most 
look for rad white dude rappers, 
but here he is: Jack Parow.


mr rogers said...

That could be the greatest bike you have ever built. I'm sure the owner is equally fabulous. (thanks, Todd. Eets kleenin up durn heer in duh durdy sowth)

blackcatbicycles said...

undoubtedly (about the customer part).
when closing the posts with a "thank you", it's for real. not sure how i ended up with the coolest people to build for, but i'll take it.

best of luck on the racing schedule. sweep the leg, johnny. no mercy.

Lawrence Jobe said...

That is sick. Might have to start saving my pennies for another Cat.:)

reverend dick said...

Whoa. That bike came out NICE. More than just a big hat and a smile.

Cylceution said...

you need to stop this. I can't have all of them. this bike is ridiculous!