Monday, June 9, 2014

Over and Over Again

 Hey, y'all.
What's the haps?

I hope you're all getting out and riding bikes this summer.

Eric McKeegan of Pittsburg, just got his new bike. 
With any luck, he'll be riding it a bunch.

This one is more of the same:
Slack and short while at the same time
being long and low. 

Slack head angle up front, paired with a longer front center, 
keeps you going in the right direction, without oversteering. 

A tight chainstay length and low bb offer predictability
 to the rear end, so there is no second guessing the 
timing of corners or trail detritus. 


The nearly ubiquitous swinger dropouts on this style of bike from me. 
Hard to believe they've been on my bikes for eight years. 

All the details line up pretty nicely to give a very balanced,
well mannered, versatile mountain bike. 

 The Mini Moose stem offers the rider absolute control 
with the wider bars that seem to have gained almost total acceptance.

The two piece seat tube design offers the ability to run a 30.9mm post 
with only a 30 gram penalty over the same length tube that limits your 
seat post size to 27.2mm and greatly reduces your dropper post selection. 
Seems all the kids want the dropper post these days.

Eric's bike has the swoopy seat stays y'all 
have come to expect from Black Cat bikes.

The 1x drive trains that have gained so much popularity
 are a great option for bikes of this style. 

Thanks, Eric.

Don't forget your music listening assignment:
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

Trip out!


mr rogers said...

Bitch'n. Both the bike and the tunes

Rachel Finn-Romero said...

Just been listening to them today. New to the area and hoped I would find people who enjoy Uncle Acid.