Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


Check this thing out.

Mini-moose stem.

 Hang on a sec.
Here's the thing I wanted to show you:
I've been working on a new dropout design for a while, 
and they're finally ready for prime time.
Very similar, but with some small tweaks to an already solid design.

The main difference is the tensioning system.
At the end of that set screw is a little brass ball, 
captured by a pocket in the aluminum insert.
It's the simplest, most reliable way to lock the dropout in place.
No unwanted forward or rearward movement.

Add to that, the cinching duties have been taken over by chain ring bolts.
Should you strip out the steel threads 
(which is highly unlikely- when was the last time 
you stripped steel chain ring bolt?), new threads are just a new nut or bolt away.

They are also now 60 grams lighter at 269 grams, 
and still made of rock solid 4130 chromoly steel,
and aerospace quality 6061 and 7075 aluminum.

More dropout/axle options to follow... Stay tuned...

Guest Super-Photographer:
Brian Vernor.
 Thanks, Brian. 

To someone of my persuasion,
saying you like the Ramones 
is like saying you like eating food.


Roger Cook said...

No mention of a customer - new personal ride? Looks sweet!

warthog said...

New dropouts look bad ass.