Monday, August 11, 2014

First Contact

Hope you've a got a good summer on lockdown.

Jorge Tamayo just got a new bike.
That always helps.

We pulled out all the stops and built him a 29er super shredder.

He wanted a painted pattern that was black and white. 
Hard to do without it becoming a mess. 
The negative space ends up playing just as important 
of a role as the positive space, if not more.

Here's that revised dropout design again.
I'm pretty happy with them.

That curved seat tube is really the linchpin
to how well these bikes ride.
You can't fake short chain stays.

Man, that did come out nice!
Thanks, Jorge.

Ps I Love You is a band.
They are from Canada.
They are very good.


mr rogers said...

I swear to god if you make my buy a mtb...
seriously good stuff.

Miles said...

That's awesome. You really nailed matching the radius of the seat tube bend with the outside radius of the tire. Most of the time on curved seat tube 29ers there is this funky negative space that drawas your eye in between the seat tube and the tire but this one looks perfect. The gap almost makes it feel like 26" bike

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, fellas.