Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Precipice

Hello there.

Drew Clark should be riding this bike in the 
hills surrounding Denver, Co. 

Drew explained that he wanted a smooth riding, 
rigid single speed mountain bike.
After some discussion, he was pretty specific about some of the parts to be used 
and was happy to offer design cues toward the bike he wanted.

Thanks, Drew.

Been listening to a lot of Mogwai
as of late. Good music to set a
mood for deliberate actions


Jim Beam said...

Another beauty Todd!

but: LOL V-brakes

onlyontwo said...

Awesome! I love the classic aesthetic.

Are the fork blades curved as well?


blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, fellas.

Lawrence Jobe said...

Slick! Very nice.

reverend dick said...

Your droopy stem is for smiling.

mr rogers said...

^^ this +100

Always something so slick on everyone.

Jake said...

Beauty. V-brakes and Paul components. Old school is the best school!

Marty said...


May I ask what handlebar is mounted? And which RAL color?

Thanks in advance!

blackcatbicycles said...


it's a ritchey 10 degree bar. i don't think they make it anymore.

the ral# is 5024, pastel blue.

Marty said...