Thursday, February 18, 2010

Handmade Show Freakout

This one up top is nice and neat. Satin finish.

This one down low is my "ode to Willie K." cardboard stencils and spray painted fingertips.

It took a while to get it to where i thought it looked "right". Strange how the seemingly random stuff is always harder than the tidy stuff.

Let's not forget the music pic.
Lo Pan.
Rock out.

See y'all in Richmond. Come by booth #400 and say "hey".


Greg said...

That made me turn it up...way the f' up! Like the satin finish!

I Bike Therefore I Am said...

Saw your booth in Richmond. I have to say that army green 29er single with the matte clear coat on powder coat was the sweetest rig in the show.

joel said...

I liked your bikes so much, I took one home!!!

ian said...

I have cursive font envy - I think it's time to get a new paintjob! The Cat is still running smooth although the decals are no longer. Hope you had a good show, Ian.