Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Machine

Single speed 29er's have kind of become a calling card for black cat bicycles.
So here is the one that I took to the handmade show.
Hope you like it.

Curvy custom stem? You got it.

I spent 2 days, yes, 2 days making these fork tips on the mill.
That radius on the back blends with the radius on the disk tab just so.
They are wide and thick and tall enough to do the job but not look clunky.
How many people commented on my fork tips?
I sure am proud though.

All the curvy tubes are butted microalloy sweetness. No straight gauge 4130 here.
Built as you see here: 20 pounds.

Even the chain stays are curvy.

Black ano dropouts look pretty sharp.

In honor of the handmade show being in Richmond, VA, the music pick has got to be:
I wish they'd play live over on this coast a bit more often.

Oh yea, I owe Chip a huge thank you. This guy is what you would hope all bike shops to be.
When in Richmond, go say "hey" and check out his scene.


Johann Rissik said...

...so weak in fact that I could kill for this one. True beauty to behold and no doubt even better to ride. Brilliant work!

Chip said...

Cool that you picked Avail for the soundtrack, very RVA. Drummer Ed Trask is a customer of Pibby's!

joel said...

THanks for newest post...been jonesing for some pix of your work! Now that the trails are finally drying out here, I might be able to ride my Black Cat!!

Ashton said...

You, sir, are both a genius and a god.

I. Can. Not. Wait. For. My. Black. Cat.

Mike said...

that's my favorite bike of the show.

Is it spoken for or is it for sale?

John said...

Had I been at the show, I think the second thing I would have commented on would be the fork. So clean. The first would have been the stem...love it. Love the paint job, cable routing and the choice of hardware. All stainless? Been thinking of blinging out my SS with stainless hardware. Nice work!

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks folks,
it's fun making these bikes. i'm glad somebody else is digging it too.

chip, tell ed & co. to come play in santa cruz. or at least san fransisco. i've been listening to those guys since "satiate" and always have a great time at their shows. they've aged well.

john, all the hardware is ti. those little nuts on the dropout set screws are $7 each!

this one is MY BIKE! my old one is whipped.

Erock said...

I brag about being able to work with you and read/look at your blog a lot. I wish you'd update it more often.

Unbelievable work, man. Can I come to your shop sometime?