Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calico Cat

Jon Lewis has been waiting patiently for his new bike.

Head badge and paint scheme to match a favorite cat.
I'd say that cat has good taste in colors.

He's getting a 29er one speed with the swinging single dropouts and a curvy seat tube to keep the chain stays as short as 16 1/2 inches.

My terrible taste in music seems to wander. Some days it's all metal.
Some days it's more deliberate and quiet.


1speed4me said...

Amazing! The only limitation is the pilot. Handles beautifully. Art in steel and paint. She's already developing a fan base here in the 'burgh. Thanks Todd!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this bike in the park and immediately came home to look up black cat bikes. Nice work!

Edoz said...

Crap dude, that's beautiful. It makes me want one of your bikes.