Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summertime Lime

I'm never quite sure what to say to you, dear reader. Pretty sure you're not here to read a blow by blow account of each and every build. It's really pretty boring. I had a friend, Brian, hanging out in the shop, taking some pictures. He asked several times over the course of the week, "When are you going to do something interesting?"

Good question.

The bikes I've been making the most of may all look very similar at first glance.
When designing them, however, everything is definitely specific to the person riding the bike.
From body measurements, to where they live and what their hometown roads and trails consist of. Everything is a one-off. No cookie cutters here.

I'm trying to keep things interesting for each and every bike. Hopefully its interesting for y'all.

Kyle Ness will be getting his hands on this just as his shoulder relocates.

Remember kids: Skate and Destroy

How about some Two Gallants?
How about some more?


Rusty said...

I'd groove on a blow by blow account of a build one of these days...

Christ said...

Kyle should let me break it in for him.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is frakkin awesome! I love the color combo on that frame.

Anonymous said...

Christ, you should wear pants more often

David said...

Kawasaki! Love the downtube/seattube junction!