Friday, October 1, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

From last post's show pony to this post's workhorse.

Full blown touring rig.

There really is a lot more going on with racks than it would seem. A lot to keep in mind when designing and building them. How are you going to mount them? Are the mounts going to interfere with the function of any of the components like brakes and their cables, quick release skewers, fenders, etc. Can you mount them in such a way that if disaster does strike, the owner can walk into any bike shop and buy a rack off the wall that will fit? Can you keep the weight low and within the wheelbase, and on the the steering axis, over the contact patch, so you're not fighting the weight, so the bike will steer light? Oh yea, can you make them look nice too?
Tall order.

Decided to go with a very straight forward frame design and racks that follow the lines of the bike. Tried to go traditional, but not boring.

This bike is getting finished just in time for a trip to France.
Baptism by fire.

I had a really good time making this bike, thinking about all the good times that will be had aboard it. There is something pretty amazing about a touring bike.

Today's music pick is the Weakerthans.
Nestled somewhere between folk and punk.
Good stuff. 'Nuff said.


Johann Rissik said...

Your work is inspiring.

reverend dick said...

Even the French will like it.Bonjour, Nice Rack!

(the auto correct wanted to change bonjour to bourbon...awesome.)

joel said...


Rotten said...

Big Sur anyone? So rad.

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks for the good words everybody.
johann, the fact that someone finds my work inspiring- is inspiring.
don't be too nice, it'll go to my head.
the rev will tell you that it already has...

Jesse Englert said...

Very nice. The fork looks like the one on my Surly LHT. I'd like to see the full build if you get any shots from the owner.

Johann Rissik said...

Stop trying to be bashful. It's great work, now shut up and get back to making bikes...see, no time for it go to your head ;)

I dream of that tourer in matt black