Friday, September 30, 2011

Sand Blast


This 'cross bike was bought by Josh Yablon for his
favorite special lady friend, Devon Yates.
Nice guy.

The paint is obviously inspired by the illustrious
Gulf/ Porsche four wheeler racing team.

The frame design is relatively straight forward.
No big surprises here.
Built for 38's with room to spare.

Stem to match.
Modern stems are fatter than
most steel road or 'cross bike down tubes.
Unnecessary and aesthetic killing.

Thanks Josh and Devon.

Seeing as both Josh and Devon
are punkers from Minneapolis,
maybe we should play some
appropriate music from there.
Prince? No.
How about some Dear Landlord?
Yes, let's do some of that.


Joel said...

Great frame and paint. Do you design your paint jobs or does your painter have free reign?

blackcatbicycles said...

i give my painter free reign to do whatever he wants. it works out well since i'm the painter.
sometimes, as with this particular frame, the customer gives me an idea of what he /she wants, and i get to execute the idea how i see fit. most of the time folks give me a color or two to work with. sometimes i get carte blanche.
the paint is a fun part for me. i really enjoy doing it. pulling off the masking is as good as being a kid at christmas, unwrapping all the presents.

Jim Beam said...

Sweet. Someday I will have one of these. If only I could go back in time a year and put down a deposit....

Silk Hope said...

Straight out of the Gulf Racing Porsche graphics package. It is a Steve McQueen job.

Mad Skribbler said...

Love this one Todd!!! Always wanted a bike with a paint job along those lines...there have been a few before but I think your's is the best I have ever seen.....Clearly inspired but not exactly the same....perfect!

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks guys,
its always hard to translate known artwork onto a bike frame. for instance, a car has big, flat panels and bikes have little skinny tubes- not much of a canvas to work with. fortunately the porsche/ gulf art work was pretty linear so it worked out. hopefully it stands alone as an attractive paint job without any reference to the cars.

Devon Yates said...

Thanks so much! The bike is gorgeous, it took my breath away when Josh brought it in. I've always admired your bikes, and Josh really surprised me (even though I should have caught on when he took my measurements a few months ago). I can't wait to get it built up and ride it. Thanks for making it so beautiful.

blackcatbicycles said...

no sweat, devon.
my pleasure.

Duan said...

i've always been a fan of blending motorsport themed paint jobs into another form of human powered sport...great work

Little_Jewford said...

I saw this bike (in its built up form) at CCCX this past weekend...even prettier in person...