Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nuevo Mexicano

Hello there.
A bike frame today for Robert Winkel from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Robert made himself a head tube badge inspired
by the Zia tribe's design featured in the New Mexican flag.

The paint design is lifted from Anasazi pottery.

Internal brake hose routing.

The lines of the gusset on the down tube have
evolved through the years.
Lately I've been trying to mimic the miter,
and thus the fillet,
as closely as possible over the top of the tube.
Makes for a tidy appearance that I really like.

Thanks, Robert.

All right folks.
There are people that love them
and people that loathe them.
There are few that lie between.

For those not acquainted,
for your consideration:

If you don't like what you're hearing,
wait a song or two.
From Mexican campo ballads to
Ziggy Stardust-esque hallucinations.
From Jimmy Buffet flashbacks
to tick rants.
From Yelling bouts to a
whole country record.

Huffing some Scotch-Guard
will get you in the mood.

Pure Guava is pure genius. Really.


Jim Beam said...

Well let me be the first to say: Not only is this frame a work of art worthy of a spot in the Louvre, it rides like a dream on rails. My hat is off to Todd for this fantastic example of fine craftsmanship.

blackcatbicycles said...

hey jim, aka robert,
thanks for the good words.
not sure about the louvre though.

glad you like it!

the question is though, how do feel about WEEN? haha!

onlyontwo said...

Todd, diggin' on that paint work. Your work keeps getting better and better.