Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr Reliable


This bike is for Mike Adamski in Durango, Colorado.

I really like how this one turned out.
Super simple and clean with a very smart color selection.
Good thinking, Mike.

Thanks, Mike!

Russian Circles is today's
listening assignment.
You can't fake drumming like this.
Get some.


mr rogers said...

Beautiful bike but ....damn that drumming is SERIOUS.

Anonymous said...

But how well would they stand-up to the pounding of the 'slope style' thrashing that Cameron Zink or Cam McCall would deliver in punishment ?
Uncle G

blackcatbicycles said...

huh?...deep breath....

uncle g,
this bike is made for mike adamski in durango, colorado. built for long singletrack rides, some smooth and alpine, some rough and rocky.
if cameron zink or cam mccall asked for a bike, it would probably not end up looking much like this one. pretty confident that i could make a bike that could withstand whatever they can dish out as well as any of the bikes they currently ride. these bikes aren't made of eggshells.

the aptos post office jumps are about 200 yards from the shop where a lot of these guys cut their teeth. they are super smooth and don't abuse their bikes.

if we all rode bikes that could "stand-up to the pounding of the 'slope style' thrashing" all the time, we'd never get anywhere... you've seen their gear ratio, right?

Greg O'Preskit said...

Another beautiful one, Todd.

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, greg.

Dirty Bert said...

reverse the colors scheme, would be cool as well.

Anonymous said...

What ppg paint color was used on this bike for the main color and panels? Superb bike.

blackcatbicycles said...


the grey is ral# 7012. it's a bit blue.
i didn't have an orange i liked so i mixed it myself. usually the case. sometimes something comes straight out of the can, but not usually.