Monday, March 12, 2012

Always Check the Horse's Teeth


This bike may or may not look familiar to you.
It has the distinction of being the one-two punch
for the marketing division of Black Cat Bicycles.

It was built for Bike Mag's Ryan Labar, aka Squirrel, to do a review on
in the latest issue of said magazine.

It was also spotted at this years NAHBS.

My thoughts on the plan was similar to my thoughts from last year's
show: so many of the show bikes are incredible examples of
the builders' craft (dare i say, art?),
but bikes really are made for riding, first and foremost.

Anybody (and I mean anybody) can ride their
own creations and give the thumbs up.
This takes it one step further and asks someone else
to give a thumbs up or down, on a bike going to the show
as an example of what I make and ride.
Lay it all out.

The bike was displayed as it came back to me.
Not polished, not filthy, not artfully spattered with mud just so.
How a real bike looks after a few good hard rides,
without meticulous cleaning.

This bike is outfitted to shred. How I wish my bikes were set up.
Shimano XTR crank and brakeset,
Fox fork with that kashima business,
Chris King hub, headset, and cog,
Easton carbon cockpit bits,
Enve composites rims,
WTB rubber and saddle.

This bike is up for grabs!
Check out the new page over on the side bar for bikes for sale.

The music selection for this post is:
the Mountain Goats.
Hardly unknown, hardly known enough.
Nobody can write a song like John.
The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton.
This Year.
Psalms 40:2.


Roger said...

Beautiful work Todd, once again. I was lucky enough to see this one in person at NAHBS - the pictures don't do it justice! And it was soooo close to being the right size. I can't wait for my name to get to the top of the list...

Anonymous said...

Nice bike.
Bonus points for Mountain Goats!
Saw them last year in Asheville.
Really good show.

blackcatbicycles said...

the pics never do the paint justice and looking at them never does the job of expressing how they ride.
oh well.

the mountain goats are awesome.
i agree!

Greg O'Preskit said...

One of my favorites. Nice work, Todd.

agu said...

Oh to be a few inches taller.

Guess i just have to be patient.

Awesome work!