Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Messin' with Texas

Hey, Y'all.
This frameset is for Davis Bickston from the Republic of Texas.

Davis wanted a single speed 29er, and that's just what he got. 

This little bridge between the top and seat tubes allows for a bit more 
stand over clearance while keeping the arced line.

Pewter anodized dropouts.

A mix of careful masking and brush painting.

Segmented forks allow the builder to tune the ride of the fork
for each individual. I like to fillet braze the crown first with brass, 
leaving the steerer tube and fork blades to be brazed in 
with silver, which has a much lower melting temperature,
 to keep the steerer and blades much less heat effected
and as strong as possible.  

Thanks, Davis.

Here's a little clip from Texas.
It's the Lillingtons. Man, they were young!
Death By Television has to be one of the 
most ridiculously fun records since The Ramones.
Viva, los powerchords!


Roger said...

Beautiful work once again. Looking good Todd - keep it up.

Greg said...

Beauty welds on that headtube!

SANJEN said...

do you have a source for those dropouts or are you fabricating them yourself?

blackcatbicycles said...

the dropouts are my own design, cnc machined by a friend of mine.
they've been going strong for 6 years now.

Davis said...

I rode it for the first time today. It is awesome. It handles really well. Has great feel and response.
I love it.