Friday, August 10, 2012

Max Mix

 Hey, Gang.

The bike du jour is for Tim Killen up in the Big Sky State, specifically, Whitefish.
 Tim wanted a road bike that was stiff enough for racing 
but wasn't afraid to tackle the dirt roads 
so frequently connecting the places he likes to go in Montana.

 We ended up agreeing upon a mix of Columbus Max tubing 
for the stiffness and the cool profiles on the front end, and a mix of 
Columbus Zona and True Temper Platinum for the rear end.

Subtle logos, bright colors.

The joining of the traditional front derailleur tab
with the new school bottom bracket shell design.

Enve carbon fork keeping the front wheel attached.
When the fit is all figured, we'll be doing a stem to match the colors of the fork.

Replaceable hangered dropouts.

Thanks, Tim.

I was just recently in the State of Alaska riding bikes.
One of the dangers of mountain biking in Alaska is
 coming up quickly on a suddenly frightened bear.
 One of the ways to avoid this conflict is to make as
 much a racket as possible to notify the bear you're
 coming so he or she can split. My crowd decided
 on singing all the pop hits of the seventies and eighties
 we could think of. It worked. No grizzly sightings.
I guess the bears are as into Chicago as much as I am.

*Celebrity guest photographer Brian Vernor.
Thanks, Brian.


Jim Beam said...

Or, you could make a custom Black Cat bear bell.

reverend dick said...


The bruins are right to avoid the likes of Peter Cetera. Those high waisted pants and short waisted (leather) jacket are unsightly enough to put you off your Summer feed. Then where would you be, come Fall?

We will not speak of the syrupy, cloying middle schooler lyrics helping the song go down- lest our metaphor not bear up. You know, cuz bears LIKE sweet stuff...OK. Stopping now.

I fucking hate Chicago.

blackcatbicycles said...

man, rev,
you should keep your cards a bit closer to your chest. now i really know how to get under your skin...

jim, they say that the way you can tell black bear scat from brown bear scat, is that black bears' scat have berry seeds in them, but brown bears' have bells and pepper spray canisters.

Anonymous said...

I would do filthy things to that bike. Filthy, depraved things.

reverend dick said...

LOLs. In the garden of bad pop music, Chicago is small potatoes. Really sickly, fluffy, sappy potatoes...but small ones.

mr rogers said...

The subtle awesomeness of this is perfect.