Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stay on Target... Stay on Target...

 Hey y'all.
What's shakin'?


 Here's a bike for John Reynolds of Birmingham, England.

John's bike was built for aggressive trail riding and a longer travel fork,
what we like to call the Thunder Monkey.

Stainless/black ano dropouts are becoming a favorite option.

John wanted routing for a rear brake, derailleur, and dropper post. 

What would more more appropriate than a British threaded bottom bracket?

Straight top tube for enough standover to get rad, 
but most importantly, to stay rad.

I was really interested in exploring a paint design that could 
translate from one tube to the next. Tube junctions, particularly 
the head tube, are the hardest to mask and paint because
 all the disparate compound curves and angles tend 
to buck any ability to maintain a pattern's continuity. 
Trying to keep the circles round and concentric as they
 go from tube to tube was pretty challenging and fun.

Thanks, John!

Terry Malts.


Unknown said...


mr rogers said...

Never disappoint.

GregO. said...


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reverend dick said...

Wanted to hate it, couldn't.


Fast Asleep said...

Todd, I told you to stay away from the brown acid. kook.

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, everybody.
john let me have free reign with it, so i hope he likes it too.

the brown acid isn't the problem. it's the three hits of the green that the brown one talks you into...

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Greggo said...

That Malts vid is cool. My favorite part is @ :43 when the guitarist pushes his glasses back between strums. Really looking forward to the next blog entry...

Little_Jewford said...

shit...thats killer

1speed4me said...

I think my Calico Cat met Stay on Target^2 at Raystown but it was rigid. Same bike? Either way, very nice!