Monday, January 14, 2013

Hella Yella

 Dear Blog,


 I hope this finds you well.

Things have been pretty busy over here, you know, making bikes and stuff.

 Recently finished a bike for Tom Gardner of Denver, Colorado.
It's a single speed 29er.

It's yellow. 

It has some curvy tubes and stripes.
I think it came out quite nice, Blog.

 Tom got routing for a brake, a rear derailleur, 
and one of those new fangled dropper posts that all the kids love these days. 

 What are you up to these days, Blog?

Thanks, Tom.

Lately I've been listening (again) to a lot of Superchunk.
I always really, really liked them. Still do.


Jim Beam said...

Very nice, Todd. Love the colors!

/wishing for a trail ride/

mr rogers said...

Your bike building skills might only be trumped by your taste in music

tOm said...

finally got the cat built up, have taken it out for a few rides, i ended up putting some ergon bar ends on so i can rock it up the climbs