Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dog and Pony Show

Well, folks,
I should have a bunch of bikes for you to check out 
if things had gone differently last week.

Instead, I've got a 'tweener project, a fork for Russ Pope.
In this instance, the regularly scheduled frame(s) hit a mid-build snag 
and I didn't want to move the frame fixture. While building, the 
frame fixture is set to the current project and not moved
 until the frame is sent to the powder coater.

Perfect time to build a fork.
 This fork was a replacement for a fork Russ already had.
It was a production fork and extremely stiff.
Russ is on the lighter side of the spectrum so we could make a
much more supple fork than one that is made to survive the
heaviest, ham fisted rider out there.

 Most of time, these type of projects don't make it to the blog.
It made the cut this time because, as I mentioned before, 
last week didn't go as planned.
If things had, I would have a whole pile of bikes to blog about.
As it sits, I was handed a broken femur when a friend and
 I got into a tangle with a car passing another on a
blind corner while out on, what was up to that point, 
a great ride on a beautiful day.

Despite the bummer of it all, I'm doing my best to
 keep things in perspective. I was lucky enough to get hurt
 while spending my time with a good friend recreating in one 
of the most beautiful corners in the world, an area I get to call home.
I wasn't hurt while subsistence farming to feed a family.
I wasn't hurt while fighting a brutal authoritarian regime 
hell bent on destroying it's own people.
I wasn't hurt fighting a senseless war based on lies.
I wasn't hurt by cowards while watching my family run a marathon.
With a bit of luck and time I'll make a full physical recovery.
I'm one lucky dude.

Be safe out there, folks.
What happened to me
could have happened to anyone out there.

Thanks to everyone who has given their love and support
whether in person, email, snail mail, or just good vibes.
I'm one lucky dude.

Shellac hold a special place in my heart.
One minute aggressive and driving,
the next, quiet and melodic,
the next, dissonant and unconventional.
These songs are all from Excellent Italian Greyhound,
one of their more accessible records.


blackcatbicycles said...

before someone posts a "that's why i don't ride on the road" comment, let's nip it in the bud:
by never riding on the road you are spending more time being another car on the road. think it's dangerous? why don't we each try making it safer by making decisions to spend less time driving a car? not safe where you live? why do you live there? your life and it's possibilities are series of decisions.
it's all got to start somewhere.

if you're not part of the solution, you really are part of the problem.

Davis Bickston said...

Todd, You have an awesome attitude. Glad to see you posting. That fork looks great man. I know I am still diggin mine. I kinda like the frame too! Keep 'em coming!

reverend dick said...

Do your PT!!!

msantos said...

yo blackcat.....glad to hear you're good. thought about you guys a lot last week. talked to kb the other night, he seemed in pretty good spirits, considering everything. i'm just wonderin and had to ask, did any of you wet yourselves upon impact? peace homie.

Lord Hayden said...

yipes! glad you're on the mend

Ooley said...

Incredible fork.

Heal up, Todd.

Little_Jewford said...

whoa....heal up, glad your noggin seems to be functioning and keep up the positive attitude..

tim said...

Hope you get your bike-building stoke back in a hurry!

t. neuschwander (a bike in the queue)

Gourmand Vert said...

Way to keep the good spirits, and things in perspective. All the best for a swift recovery.

Jim Beam said...

Hey Todd

I hope you're starting to heal up. Your attitude is inspirational.

Hang in there.

hoosierinpa said...

Todd, sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to hear that you or your friend were not more seriously injured. Hope that you have a speedy recovery. Keep up the great work with your frames and forks. Someday, I hope to be fortunate enough to won one. Also, your music recommendations are awesome.

D. Larsen said...

Bro! I'm so sorry to hear about yr accident! Heal up! Still following yr progress 14+ yrs later buddy!

mr rogers said...

What's up with the steerer tube? Powder coated?

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks everybody.

i appreciate all the kindness (and patience) y'all have floated my way.

do yourself a favor and double check all your insurance and make sure you're covered while on a bicycle.
i'm learning the hard way that the cracks through which to fall, are wide and deep.

david, have you heard quicksand's "how soon is now?" pretty good.
they're playing austin, tx in november. almost 20 years for that?

brian, the coating on the fork's steerer is an anti-oxide treatment that is, strangely enough, a red oxide color. a little disconcerting, i'll admit.
there's another treatment that i've tried out that keeps the steel looking like steel.