Monday, July 15, 2013

This Next One is the First Song on Our New Album

The following is a small production run of bikes headed for Japan.
Disc brake road framesets to SimWorks, to get all particular about it.

The framesets were designed as a stage race style bike. Quick, but not twitchy.

Light weight, size specific tubing. 

Designed as a whole with the custom made, size specific forks.
Thanks, Wound Up. 

Seven frames, four sizes.

Seven unique paint schemes. 

And some new features to boot. 

These disc dropouts are the newest iteration of a design 
I've been playing with for a few years.
Only fifteen grams heavier than the lightest weight option and way better looking.

 Seems like a lot of the disc bikes these days have the caliper mounted on the chainstay. 
There are a variety of reasons I've heard why, but none that  convince me that it's better. 
On road bikes, heel clearance can be an issue for larger riders. 
On mountain bikes, people have claimed it's more protected. 
Protected from what? Axe murderers chasing you? 
When riding, I normally try to travel forward, leaving the front face of the dropout exposed to catching and snagging trail debris.
I'll stick with seatstay mounted brakes.

 Pf30 bb shells on these bad boys and girls.

These bikes' fillet brazed joints lay unmolested by a file.

  1.125" straight steerers keep the ride light and lively.

A modern, straight stay, fast back rear end.




Thanks, Shinya, and all at Circles and co.

What better way to celebrate
 bikes to Japan than to throw a 
handful of live Cheap Trick at y'all?

 The "Live at Budokan"
double LP set, bestowed
Cheap Trick with rock star status.
Personally, I think it's great that
 a band can hang its laurels
on its live show.

There's so many things to love about their live show:

The pointless risers for Rick to climb.

The million picks on Rick's
 mic stand (that poor guitar tech).

Bun E's ciggy hanging out of 
his mouth, looking like 
they recruited him at happy hour.

All that and, oh yea, precedent setting rock and roll.


mr rogers said...

The fingerprint swirl and the black/white one are pretty nifty.
dropouts are knockouts.

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, brian.

sorry everybody about the layout earlier this morning. what it looks like when you're building and reviewing a post, and what it looks like after a few hours on the innerwebs, seem to be two totally different things. add to that the bugs inherent with free software, and it becomes quite an adventure in layout, or lack thereof.
i guess you get what you pay for.

Jim Beam said...

Damn, dude! Those are some sweet frames! Your paint jobs are always amazing. And those dropouts are very cool.

But konichiwa has only one "n". There are no doubled consonants in the Japanese language, I believe.

Sabazel said...

Holy shit, this is AWESOME!! Nice, Todd!

Little_Jewford said...

I just crapped in my pants those are so eddie m homage I've seen...