Monday, December 16, 2013

Rain Covered Cat

Hey Everybody.


This bike is a repair for my friends in Japan.
The original frame was damaged in a crash that
 completely wrecked the front end of the bike. 

Fortunately the rear was fine, 
so a new front triangle was all that 
was needed to get the bike back to running order. 

Good as new.

Now that the nineties are cool again,
I'm layin' down some
Shudder to Think.
Specifically the Pony Express Record.


Roger Cook said...

Looks nice as usual. Interesting cable routing - FD on down tube and RD on top tube to seat stay?

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, roger.
that's normally how i route the front cables on 'cross bikes.
it's the cleanest way to run a road derailleur.

warthog said...

I especially like the paint/graphics on this one.

mr rogers said...

Agree. Good looking color combo

JP said...

Todd, how do you, as a framebuilder, remove the front triangle? Do you cut most of the tube then file the brass off?

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks, everybody!

yes, cut as close to the seat tube and bb as possible with a hacksaw. a hacksaw is about 1000 times faster than a file. you really have to be careful so you don't gouge an innocent tube with the saw. after you just have a small ring of brass left, i use a dynafile (a pocket sized belt sander) with an 80 grit belt and very carefully sand the brass down to an even smaller ring of brass. this is probably the easiest spot to mess up. a moment of wavering from absolute attention will kill a tube in a heartbeat. after that, a hand file and after that still, some emery cloth. if you do it slow and easy it'll look like nothing was ever done to the tubes and you can put on a new triangle.