Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Circles for Circles

Hey, y'all.
First off, let me send out a hardy thank you 
to all those who bought a t-shirt, helping me out when I needed it.
Also, a hardy thank you to those folks in the queue 
who've put up with several months of healing time.

Back at it. Full steam ahead.

Let's start it off with another bike to Japan, shall we?



This here's the new iteration of the segmented 
fork I make from time to time. 

Handmade crown.

Black Cat dropouts and disc tab with some 
custom drawn, tapered True Temper fork blades 
connecting everything together.

Thanks, Shinya and crew at Circles.

How 'bout some Swearin',
just for swearin's sake?
Don't fool yourselves, the kids are alright.

1 comment:

Justin P said...

Good to see you back in action! My bike lust can be fueled once again.