Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goes With My Luggage

Here in Santa Cruz, this is a trail bike.
As Aptos Brad says, "there are 2 rocks in town and I know where both of them are."
Swoopy stays take the edge off those 2 rocks.

This custom stem keeps the brake cable as straight as possible to avoid any friction and ensures your brakes work as well as possible.

Asymmetrical paint scheme to make symmetry freaks freak.

Heel clearance? Yep.
Mud clearance? Yep.

Hecka smooth.

Listened to a lot of Sunny Day Real Estate while getting ready for the show. Yes, that is 4 different links, 1 for each word. They are that good.
Saw them in October. Still have it after all these years. In spades.


Johann Rissik said...

.....makes me weak at the knees, you gotta stop this!

John said...

Wow dude, this bikes looks awesome! I like the small details like the stem and cable routing. Love the gum walls too. Nice.

Just Pam said...

Moms generally don't comment, but I 've gotta. You do awesome work and I am proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

Very slick bike and great paint scheme!