Saturday, October 23, 2010

Double Trouble

Yo folks.
This post is gonna be short on words and long on pictures.
I'm sure y'all are fine with that.

These two bikes are off to Japan.
Both twenty niners. Both single speeds.

The shop in Japan that bought these bikes is called Circles.
They've got an impressive list of builders they work with to
get customers on some pretty cool bikes.

Some of the super light versions of the swinger dropouts.
Sculpted a bit more, and they come with a set of titanium bolts.

Something about the color combo on this one.
I always like the way the bikes look when they're all taped
up with blue and green masking tape ready to get painted.
These are some of those same colors.

Both the bikes have a new segmented fork I've been working on.
The crown matches the gusset on the downtube
to make sure you know it's a black cat.
They cost a bit more but i think they are pretty cool looking.

Thanks for watching.

I'm not one who's fallen blindly in love with all the
"new grass" out there, but I'm quite fond of Langhorne Slim.
This show that's on the you tubes is worth checking out.
A reasonable selection of songs and good sound.
Just try not to look directly at his ruffley shirt.


reverend dick said...


Also, alas even the banjo could not save Danlgehorny Fakename.

see here

Shinya said...

Thanks Todd!
People are crazy for these stuffs.
Happy to show your fine work to Japanese.
Talk soon,

blackcatbicycles said...

sometimes things work out to be more than the sum of their parts.
yes, their are better musicians out there. you could say that about a lot of folks. myself included.

you must have looked to closely at the ruffles. i told you not to.

blackcatbicycles said...

no problem, my pleasure!

Fat Chance said...

Amazing paint job on both bikes and I really liked the segmented fork. Really nice work. I have total bike envy now...

Chris said...

Hey Todd,

Love the bikes...really nice work. Those forks are killer!

Cheers from NJ!

joel said...

yo Todd, what size tire will that frame/fork clear?

Awesome work BTW!

blackcatbicycles said...

thanks y'all.
joel, those frames will fit a 2.3 with no problem. 2.4's start to get tight. i've been working on massaging the chainstays just a bit to get as much tire clearance as i can without cutting into chainring clearance.