Thursday, October 7, 2010

Then there was the KARP

This is Danny Buzzard's new ride.

It's name is the KARP.

Somehow he talked me into only listening to the band, Karp, when I worked on the bike. A pretty funny experiment until about hour five. With about thirty five more hours to go, things got a little grim. Stuck to it though. Only Karp, and love, went into this bike.
Not doing that again.

I really like the color combo on this one. The two greens look pretty good on the black.

Thanks, Danny.

Gonna throw down some Sleater-Kinney for the music pick.
Here's the best live stuff I could find before I got bored to tears.
Gotta love three piece band with no bass, and the
fact that all of them can sing is pretty alright with me.


Anonymous said...

I fucking {heart} Danny B. That's insane. You're insane.

...and if you weren't before this little episode, you are now. Damn.

Jesse Englert said...

Beautiful. Love the swoopy rear.

bv said...

Better than Gary Newman and the Tubeway Army!

Mike B said...

That's odd, I'm listening to KARP right now.